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Approach & Themes



Let me guide you through this journey amongst my paintings and go back in time.

I present myself as an atypical self-taught abstract painter. I work with acrylics, use few mediums except water and prefer to make my own mixtures of colors as one goes along. I play with the collages of fabrics, cardboards, plastics, prints and papers as much as with the viscosity of the acrylic colors to create a  between painting and bas-relief.

It is a painting of details, that requires a strong attention, to quietly contemplate the depth of colors as well as the places of transparency, the limits of materials, shapes and colors, the responses of shine and matt, and finally the third dimension which increases the play of light and the prism of colors. I am particularly concerned about the limits: these differences between tones or colors, the drawn or painted lines, the limits of each added or glued surface, the breaks and shadows caused by the collages.

Always on the way to abstraction, I remain fascinated by some landscapes and themes of the western painting and want to work them, reproduce them according to their essence. Abstraction is not a choice of ease, it was not obvious to me at the beginning; I had to somehow make violence to myself to reach it knowing that I could reach other dimensions in my will to represent.

The fundamental aspect of my work is the search for the essence of an image or a set of forms and colors: it may be the deep nature of a landscape or what is previous and essential to the act of painting before the vision, the look, the staring: the light which slides on the canvas and the materials, the textures, the ratio of colors, the tensions of the shape.

In my effort as a painter, I work on reaching this space sitting before me where we must learn to express ourselves, to speak, to draw, to learn the colors, to emerge from the diffuse. I define myself therefore as "always on the threshold" of the activity of painting "before the canvas would become aesthetic and pleasant or even vulgar and hideous, before thinking it or even imagining it, finally before anyone would impose a meaning."

I easily recognize that my paintings are at once beautiful and somewhat repulsive - they will look ugly to those who look at them quickly, absent-mindedly, they will become luminous to the ones who will go there to seek what touches them and moves them in any way.

Looking at my paintings must remain the way they were created: in a constant dialogue,  tension between the general structure and the slightest detail. Painting for me is often a round trip, a very physical dance between the overview and the very close brushstroke. A point, a line of some millimeters comes to increase the whole composition. Therefore, they deserve more than a glance on this site: they deserve a lively, in situ, approach to their contrast, their general shape, their volume, their matter, and their details.

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Below are several topics which particularly inspire me and which correspond to periods of my creation even if, in the end, I return to them sooner or later. My pictorial evolution is not rectilinear; it is made of reversals and leaps forward.


Words, writings, literature



Abstraction and textures

Overflows, packing and gashes


Abstract landscapes


Still lifes and musical landscap